Subject-related Wellness landscape „The Genesis of the world“

Enjoy to experience of the creation-story out of the old testament Genesis. Step in and be close to the creation of the light, the separation of sky and the earth, the creation of plants and aromas and the heat of the cosmos. Feel weightless like a newly created fish and listen to the birds. Find yourself during the creation of the human. Rest at the 7th day in the new world which was created only for you – and God saw that it was good!


Lie down on a sofa in the library and hear a short introduction as well as Ben Beckers Bible reading Genesis using the headphones (duration ca. 7 Min).


Day 1: The light

Going into a dark steaming room sented by heartbeat light

Optimum applications duration:
15-20 min

Light and shadow as art-projection / 43°C, 100% rel. humidity


Day 2: Separation of water and air

Lay down in a field of infrared heated glass pearls enjoying meditation moments of clouds. The temperature of the pearls transfers your body in fever temperature which was known by the old romans to stimulate the body to produce the hormones to feel lucky.

Optimum applications duration:
minimum 15 min - Effect of the depth radiation requires minimum 15 Min until reaction of the body.

Glas pearl bath with infrared-direct radiation & video-installation / room 55°C, pearls 38°C normal humidity. The infrared light of the walls mediates warmth without direct contact with the body. Infrared radiation is especially protective for our organism because these radiation permeates trough the upper skin layers into the deep tissue without being absorbed. The depth warmth penetrates far into the lower skin regions to stimulate skin and the muscles through the warmth. Strong sweating it the consequence.


Day 3: World of Plants

The day where the world became green stimulates primarily your olfactory sense. Tropical climate lets plants to live in icy winter days. Inhale the lavender aroma and clean your respiratory tract.

Optimum applications duration:
10-15 min – to inhale

Tropic-bath with plants, aroma and rain / 35-38°C / ca. 85% rel. humidity


Day 4: Creation of the planets and tides

The sauna with 80°Celcius makes you dive into cosmic silence. A travel into a wonderful colored world will be accompanied by pictures on the Hubble Telescope

Optimum applications duration:
15-20 min


Day 5: Animal world

This day is interpreted essentially by sounds. Put yourself weightless into our floating basin and hear to the voices of the whale and dolphins under the water and to the sound of the birds being out of the water.

Optimum Applications duration:
20 min - Tub emptied automatically – you can enjoy very relaxed

Weightlessness - Floating – Medical salt bath according to the dead sea / sounds


Day 6: The human being

Water, peeling and calming skin cream let revive the skin. Video installations complete your condition.


Day 7: Rest and Meditation

Step into this meditation room, ignite a candle, put yourself on a water bed and submerge into Michelangelo’s master work “creation of Adam” and listen to classical music.

Every visitor triggers a wave on the bed by coming and leaving. Let us live together in balance and peace.

Opening hours: 15.00 to 21.00
Reservation required under 027 966 69 70
Prices: 90 CHF per person
Massage: advance booking needed

Cloths are available. You receive a bathrobe and slippers.
You might visit the treatment room naked or with a bathing suit. For the outside-jacuzzi a bathing suit is required.

Finnaly switching off from every day life and collecting new forces - allow yourself a recreative massage, at which especially your problem areas will be treated.
We recommend that you reserve your preferred time for treatments a few days in advance.
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by Heinz Julen