Experience the summer in Zermatt


Discover the breathtaking Zermatt mountains!

The approximately 400 kilometers of marked hiking and mountain trails around Zermatt offer different degrees of difficulty, slopes and trail lengths for every level. Here you will find all possible mountain tours.

Zermatt offers the most beautiful trails for bikers

In the unique landscaper are 100km of mountain bike trails available. Zermatt is a  excellent bike spot for all levels and is considered a biker's paradise par excellence.


Skiing in summer - the ultimate experience

21 kilometers of groomed pistes and a snowpark awaits you in the Zermatt summer region. Through the high-lying glacier, skiing is possible all year round in Zermatt.

Climb the highest peaks of the Alps!

Zermatt is encircled by 38 four thousand meters high mountains. Alpinists from all over the world embark on the unique Valais mountains. From light to technically challenging mountain tours - there is a wide selection in the Zermatt mountain world.