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Hotel Spa

Time to recreate.

Experience the story of creation from the Old Testament Book of Genesis. Walk in and experience up-close the creation of light, the separation of heaven and earth, the creation of plants and aromas and the heat of the cosmos.

Feel as weightless as a newly created fish and listen to the birds in the sky, and the calls of the animal kingdom. Reflect on your own self; see yourself in the creation of mankind.


The history
of creation in
Backstage Spa

Exciting & unique.


Relax on one of our sofas in the library and listen via headphones to a brief introduction and to Ben Becker's bible reading of Genesis (approx. 7 mins)

Day 1:

Step into the dark steam room, pierced by pulsating light.

Optimum treatment duration:
15-20 mins 

Light and shade as light art projection / 43°C, 100% relative humidity

Day 2:
Separation of water and air

Immerse yourself in an ocean of infra-red heated glass pearls, whose 38°C heat will rev your body to fever temperature. Submerge yourself in the movement of the clouds and feel the exhilarating wind.

Optimum treatment duration:
Min. 15 mins for the deep radiation to take effect; minimum 15 mins for the body to react 

Day 3:
Plant kingdom

The day on which the world became green stimulates your sense of smell. The tropical climate also helps plants survive in winter. Inhale the lavender aroma to cleanse your respiratory tract.

Optimum treatment duration:
10-15 mins - Inhalation

Tropical bath with plants, aroma and rain / 35-38°C / approx. 85% relative humidity

Day 4:
Creation of the planets, of the tides

An 80 degree sauna helps you dive into cosmic tranquillity. Images from the Hubble telescope accompany you on a journey into the wonderful world of colour that surrounds us.

Optimum treatment duration:
minimum 15-20 mins

Day 5:
Animal kingdom

This day is interpreted above all else by sounds. Enjoy feeling weightless in our floating pool and listen to the underwater calls of the whales and dolphins, while above water you will hear the sounds of land animals.

Optimum treatment duration: 
20 mins – the tub empties automatically – just relax and enjoy

Weightlessness - Floating – Medicinal salt bath analogous to the Dead Sea/ sounds

Day 6:

Water – and soothing skin lotion invigorate your skin. Video installations complement your condition. 

Day 7:
Rest and contemplation

Step into this meditation room, light a candle, lie on a water bed and let your gaze be drawn to Michelangelo's masterpiece in the Sistine Chapel, while listening to music.

Every visitor who comes and goes sets off a wave of tranquillity. Let us live together in balance and peace.