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Your hosts and the Backstage Team

Meet us

Owner and architect Heinz Julen lives here with his family, just two floors above us. So every Backstage visitor and member of staff is therefore at home with Heinz too. With that in mind, our business philosophy is:
My home is your home.

Heinz Julen

Lives with his wife Evelyne and his three children Jona, Chiara and Lynn in the uppermost floor of Backstage Hotel on Hofmattstraße. Visitors and members of staff are at home with Heinz, where the business philosophy, My Home is your Home is nurtured.

As a small boy, Heinz lived in Findeln 2000 metres above sea level. Even when he was young, he started building chalets for his 3 sisters, Vrony, Leni and Moni. That fascination of realising dreams, creating spaces for people, has not left him to this day.

His endless passion and creativity meant Heinz was self-taught, learning about the variety provided by building, architecture and interior design. His projects came to life in Zermatt and have been implemented all over the world with his team.

Projects filled with love, that is the aim of my work. After all, then that I know that life is sustainable.