Wellness & Spa

"The Story of Creation" Theme Wellness

Experience the story of creation as depicted in Genesis of the Old Testament. Come in and become part of the creation of light , the separation of heaven and earth , the creation of plants and scents and the heat of the cosmos. Feel as weightless as a newly conceived fish and immerse yourself in the sounds of the birds in the sky.

Distinguish yourself in the creation of man.


Relax on a sofa in the library with your headphones and listen to a short introduction, as well as Ben Becker's Bible reading of Genesis (duration approx. 7 Min).

 Day 1: Light

Step into a darkened steam room which is rapidly pierced by light.


Light and shadow as light art projection / 43°C, 100% rel. Humidity

Day 2: Separation of Water & Air

Immerse yourself in an ocean of infrared heated glass pearls, whose 38°C heat will shift your body temperature into a state of "healing" fever. Submerge yourself into the movement of the clouds and relish the intoxicating effects of the wind.


Day 3: Flora

The day on which the world became green, specifically stimulates your sense of smell. The tropical climate allows plants to thrive, even in Winter. Inhale the lavender fragrances to cleanse your airways.


Day 4: Creation of the Planets & Tides

An 80°C sauna allows you to plunge into cosmic silence. Images from the Hubble-Telescope will accompany you on a journey through the magnificent world of colours that surround us.


Day 5: Fauna

This day is primarily interpreted through sounds. Become entirely weightless in our floating pool and listen to the underwater songs of whales and dolphins. Above water, you will hear the enchanting sounds of birds and land animals.

Optimal duration of use, 20 min. - the pool will empty automatically - you can enjoy completely relaxed.

Weightlessness - floating - medicinal salt water bath - analogical Dead Sea/sounds

Day 6: The Human

Water- and soothing body lotion sensually revive your skin.
Video clips complement your condition.


Day 7: Peace & Meditation

Step into this meditation room, light a candle, lie yourself on a water bed and while listening to music, let your eyes gaze at Michelangelo's masterpieces in the Sistine Chapel.

Every visitor that comes and goes releases a wave of tranquility. Let us live together in peace and harmony.