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by Heinz Julen

Contemporary, timeless. Modern, traditional. Urban, connected to nature. Worldly, familial. Exclusive, sporty. Stylish, cosy. Luxurious, simple. Entertaining, tranquil. Convivial, private. Celebratory, relaxing. Manhattan, Zermatt. That is Backstage Hotel Zermatt, and its Luxury Chalets and Apartments. Who are you? Find yourself again in our variety and choose your perfect energy-filled space here with us.


Feel at home
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Make Zermatt your home.

Just a few minutes' walk from one another, in the centre of the village of Zermatt, Backstage Hotel, Luxury Chalets and Apartments form the heart of Backstage Zermatt. Whereas the atmosphere is at times more lively in the hotel with its 2 restaurants, bar and legendary night club, the apartments are more peaceful, making them perfectly suited to families. Total tranquillity, privacy and exclusivity are guaranteed in the Luxury Chalets.

Time to relax.

Backstage Wellness

Recovery & recreation based on Genesis

Experience the history of creation from the Old Testament Book of Genesis. Walk in and experience up-close the generation of light, the separation of heaven and earth, the creation of plants and aromas, as well as the heat of the cosmos. Feel weightless and listen to the birds in the sky, to the calls of the animal kingdom. Reflect on yourself and see in yourself in the creation of mankind.

mountains. nature. amazement.

and adore

There are so many options in Zermatt - the Matterhorn not only inspires and impresses guests from across the globe, there is also so many other elements to discover; summer and winter alike.

We love Zermatt.
And you also will...

restaurant & Entertainment


Experiences for all the senses

In the past few years this former family house has become a home for cuisine, art & entertainment. Led by a brilliant Managing Director that is also a Michelin Starred Chef, “Florian Neubauer”, he combines his creativity with his outstanding cooking technique to offer every guest an ultimate epicurean journey. Nestled at the 2nd floor, the Michelin star awarded restaurant 'After Seven' offers a genuine culinary experience, while three floors down, the Vernissage bring the unusual spectacle to Zermatt’s culinary world. The Vernissage is a melting pot of 'Diner's Club' offering a la carte gastronomy with daily live entertainment in the spectacular light-play of the legendary ‘Cinema’ and Verite theatre that would transform into a chic Bar and Club after hours.

After Seven

An unforgettable personal journey
through Michelin star cuisine

Diners Club

The stage of culinary &
Entertainment in the legendary Vernissage Theatre

Private Dining

At the floating table surrounded by
by international art and yet completely private

Backstage Café

In the afternoon, the fine dining restaurant transforms into the Café du Théâtre. The hot chocolates, teas and coffees warm the soul. 

As the birthplace of the internationally renowned music festival, Zermatt Unplugged, the Vernissage with its parties & concerts is a lounge for locals and travellers from all over the world.


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Backstage Serviced Appartements