Request - Luxury Loft

The brand new Backstage Luxury Loft is Heinz Julen's newest project and perfectly complements the Backstage Luxury Chalet.

The Backstage Loft is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece fusing the historic wooden architecture of the ancient adjoining chalet with the contemporary flair of the main chalet. To complement the overall design of the building, Heinz Julen has custom-made every fixture and piece of furniture in his own design studio and workshop located in the village of Zermatt. Furthermore, the loft is furnished with contemporary art assembled from the various art spaces in Zermatt. 

Heinz staged contentment here, tradition and modern meet in an impressive way in this contemporary cutting edge chalet in the Swiss Alps. One immediately feels at ease in this stunning 600 m2 living space.

The Luxury Loft sleeps 10 people featuring 5 double rooms, two of which are located in the original historic part of the building.

Featuring incredible views of the Matterhorn, the Loft sits on the edge of the river in a quiet residential area, less than a 4 minute walk from the Matterhorn Glacier station and a short stroll from the village center of Zermatt.

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